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Curiosity Sensor Solutions can help.

Curiosity Sensor Solutions help you keep an eye on your property and assets — so you can intervene as soon as problems arise — using wireless sensors designed to monitor the status of mission-critical equipment in near real-time from virtually anywhere. Solutions include the sensors, a wireless 4G router or gateway, and an online portal with a simple-to-use interface that’s accessible from virtually any web-enabled device.

Timely alerts

Alerts and notifications facilitate fast updates for proactive equipment management. Timely user-defined notifications via text or email help you respond in the nick of time when something goes wrong.

Remote Monitoring - Leak Detection

Detect leaks before water damage can cost building owners and managers up to hundreds of thousands in clean-up, repairs and lost revenue. Most water leaks come from plumbing systems, tenant kitchens, bathrooms and HVAC units. With wireless water leak sensors, you can detect leaks from anywhere in the building. Ideal for properties of any size, this easy and a ordable wireless sensor solution instantly notifies you when a problem starts and before it results in significant damage.

Remote Monitoring - Server Rooms

IoT Solutions automate monitoring for server rooms, data centers or media rooms, delivering unparalleled asset protection as well as substantial time and money savings. Our solution reliably monitors temperature-sensitive equipment by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications, real-time reporting and instant SMS text message alerts

Remote Monitoring - Panic Button

The Push Button Alert System powered by myDevices enables hotels, campuses, hospitals, and other businesses ranging from SMB to Enterprises to accurately report and monitor the location of any employee, anywhere on the property. These businesses, especially hotels, are heavily investing in alert system solutions to combat harassment and help prevent safety risks. Based on location, some of these businesses are required by law to equip employees that work mostly alone (Lone Worker) with a panic button solution while at work.


The Push Button Alert system helps businesses enhance their employee’s safety and security in the workplace while delivering substantial time and money savings by

combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways with a simple yet powerful web and mobile application. The alert system also enables businesses to maintain regulatory compliance.


If an employee is in distress, all they have to do is push the button. Designated notication recipients, such as security personnel, are alerted to the emergency and of

the location of the employee. Their location, provided by Bluetooth beach technology, is tracked and reported even if they’re on the move. The alert can help quicken response

time to the distressed person/employee.

Remote Monitoring - Food Service

IoT Solutions automate refrigeration monitoring for the food service industry, delivering substantial time and money savings. Our solution

solves unique and complex remote monitoring challenges while reducing human error by combining efficient wireless sensors and gateways with industry-leading monitoring applications,

real-time reporting and instant SMS text message alerts


The commercial refrigeration remote temperature monitoring solution enables hospitals, pharmacies, food processors, food distributors, meat packers, restaurants, and other businesses ranging from SMBs to enterprises to remotely automate temperature and humidity monitoring.


Problems Solved:

  • Helps with Regulatory Compliance – 24/7 temperature monitoring and instant notification if temperatures fall out of range enabling timely corrective action
  • Accurate Temperature Logging – eliminates the need for manually monitoring refrigeration temperatures with 24 hour monitoring and reporting equipment repair, and more.
  • Expenses – may reduce the risk of the loss of dollars in labor costs, wasted inventory, regulatory fines, lawsuit judgments, and more.

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