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The team at Trout Mobile is fantastic! Not only are they are knowledge and professional; they truly care about me and my business. I love that I never have to call a 800 number and talk to an unhelpful stranger. With Trout I can get what I need within a matter of minutes with a simple email or phone call.

Recently they recommended that we switch carriers, of course I hesitated; who has time for that? Not only did they do all of the preparations but the team was onsite and able to move over 50 devices in a few hours without a single problem. They saved us over a thousand dollars a month, cell reception is great and I didn’t have to do a thing!  Trout Mobile is a valued team member of ours and a company that I highly recommend.

Stephanie Dohn, Dohn Construction
Fort Collins, CO

Dealing with new salesmen every other month, broken promises, no follow through, and the constantly fluctuating bills, frustration with our phone company of 19+ years was overwhelming. Jim put an end to the nightmare we had accepted living with for years.

He and his exceptional team have gone above and beyond to meet our needs and address every concern we had from day one. His amazing staff has never disappointed. The customer service we have received and have come to expect is second to none! Regardless of the provider we decide to use, we will go with Jim wherever he leads. His team is amazing.

Pamela Davis, Absolute Caulking & Waterproofing
Denver, CO

“JMS moved over 500 devices to Trout Mobile. The professionalism, responsiveness and genuine concern given by all Trout Mobile staff established a strong trust in our working relationship that has proven invaluable. From aggressive carrier price negotiation to device deployment to backend support, we were always made to feel that Trout Mobile had our back—that they are on “our” side”.

Peter Gentempo
Houston Texas

“Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

Trout Mobile has become an irreplaceable asset to our company. Your help in greatly reducing our wireless expenses has not gone unnoticed. You saved our company 35% off our monthly bill and because of your backend support, have shaved significant dollars in annual man hour expense as well. Having Trout as a partner is like having my own wireless telecom department! Whenever we have a problem with one of our many phones, you are always quick to respond; it’s a pleasure to just call you instead of an 800 number! You have provided a consistent response that we had not received prior to doing business with Trout. Your suggestions and solutions for us have been right on the mark. Your recommendations for change have been solid – we are amazed at the reliability of Sprint’s coverage. Not only have we seen the improvement in quality, the increase in productivity for our salespeople has been incredible!

We at Highplains are grateful for the hard work and professionalism you always provide to us and will always be one of your most loyal customers. I really don’t know how we managed cell before you came along! Thanks for all that you do!”

Erica Goetz, Highplains Marketing Services
Englewood, Colorado

“I am writing this letter because I am flabbergasted!

The Team at Trout Mobile has done incredible things for Systematek that I didn’t think were possible. You’ve helped with equipment and plan changes – changes proactively recommended by the Trout Team – things which I have never dared ask the carrier directly. Yet you deliver with a smile, saving me hours of time and frustration and hundreds of dollars.

The thing that gets me…is that you do this at no cost to me, while at the same time saving me the time and money. I mean you literally do this for me at no charge!

The reason I’m flabbergasted is that I frankly do not understand why you don’t have a line outside your door waiting to sign up with service with you guys. If someone has passed grade school math, they should have no problem calculating the incredible value.

At first I thought you guys just treated me like a king because I’m special. But then I realized you do the same thing for the businesses I refer you. After getting over my initial jealousy, I realized this is how you conduct business.

This letter is to say thank you for taking care of us and our referrals. We look forward to a long partnership!”

Eric Blommel, Systematek
Denver, CO

“Trout Mobile has exceeded our expectations in all areas of business, especially customer service.

At Trout Mobile, the customer is ALWAYS first. They have impeccable timeliness when it comes to returning our calls, emails and service requests timely.

BluSky utilizes Sprint as our service provider and have been very pleased with how Trout Mobile and Sprint have worked together to provide us with any and all of our business and productivity needs. As a Trout Mobile customer, Trout deals directly with the provider, and therefore, keeps our team focused on what we do best.

In closing, BluSky highly recommends Trout Mobile for your wireless communication needs.”

Terry Shadwick, BluSky Restoration
Contractors-Centennial, CO

“Before Trout Mobile, our mobile program was managed in-house by our IT departments. We were constantly plagued with lost inventory, delays in equipment replacement and a huge mobile services bill. In less than 30 days, Trout Mobile moved over 100 devices located in over 26 states without a single service interruption.

As a true partner, they helped us gain immediate control of our mobile inventory, identify and correct non-compliant usage, and most importantly, Trout Mobile reduced our mobile spend by more than half. A lot of vendors say they are a partner…Trout Mobile absolutely is.”

Kyle Schultz, CEO MLS Courier, LLC
Denver, CO

If you are not a Trout Mobile customer…you are crazy not to be!!! They are everything they say they are and more…we no longer worry about wireless, ever! Our annual wireless spend is 31% less and we are getting so much more!

Mark Fisher, All Phase Landscape
Aurora, CO

“As owners of a very busy nursery and landscaping business, it’s crucial for our communication with our field crews to be seamless and affordable. Finding the best mobile wireless solution was always an expensive headache until we partnered with Trout Mobile.

The expertise and personal attention they provide has resulted in very significant savings over our costs from previous years. They knocked our phone bill down substantially, supplied the right equipment, put together the smartest plan, and there’s always someone there to help if needed. Prior to Trout Mobile, we’d been through a lot of phone companies, this was a good year.

Having Trout Mobile is like having your very own mobile expert on staff without the expense. Less time and resources spent on our mobile communication means more time and resources to spend doing what we do best. If a representative from Trout Mobile asks to do a free analysis of your current wireless plan and equipment, your answer should be … “how soon can you get here?!”

Nate Fetig, Naturescapes
Fort Collins, CO

“Trout Mobile is the BEST!! I can’t begin to tell you how much time, energy and effort they have saved me over the years. Anytime I have a device issue, it’s a simple phone call / email and they help me get the device up and running again vs spending hours being bounced around carrier 800#’s and still not solving my issue. Will never have cell phones with anyone else, ever again!”

Jess Kershner, US Welding

“Trout Mobile asked the right questions which helped us develop a more robust communications strategy…and save a lot of money. These guys are the real deal!”

Chuck Robinson, Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver, CO

“We have been a customer of Trout Mobile for over 9 years now and have roughly over 100 cellular phones which they have professionally managed for me. Jim and his Team go above and beyond my needs and have ALWAYS looked out for my best interests vs a carrier rep that is trying to make me spend more so they can make more.

They have always helped me negotiate the best price and service for my company and are always available when we need them.

I highly recommend Trout to every business…you can’t afford not to be with them! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 303-344-1400.”

Fariborz Samimi, CEO Extreme Towing
Aurora, CO

“Don’t wait another second to do business with Trout Mobile! I never thought I would ever say managing our organizations cell phones is easy, but it is now!! Thank you Trout Mobile!”

Kris Welsh, Volunteers of America
Denver, CO

Dear Jim,

I wanted to express appreciation for the professionalism, responsiveness and support given by your team to the members of the American Subcontractors Association of Colorado (ASAC) and to me personally as the Executive Director.

My husband, Peter Scifo and I, wish to express our gratitude to Trout Mobile for keeping our business, OBS Consultants, equipped with the latest communications technology. The support of the Trout Team has proven invaluable to us.

Both ASAC and OBS Consultants look forward to a continued working relationship.

Debra L. Scifo, American Subcontractors Association Partner / OBS Consultants LLC
Denver, CO

DENVER: 9090 S. Ridgeline Blvd | Suite 220 | Highlands Ranch  | CO | 80129 | (720) 488-7700